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Prophecies a curious mix with financial predictions

Prophecies a curious mix with financial predictions. Re: ‘Global showdown is looming over us,’ Overdrive, Opinion,




Back-testing: Testing a financial model by using it on past date and then comparing the ‘predictions’ to what actually happened. #research



Financial Predictions with Barbara Goldsmith What’s going to happen economically during 2012? How can you best prepare for the changes ahead??


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News CBI Currency Change 2013

Incredible News regarding the Iraqi Dinar currency. The Central Bank of Iraq has agreed with Parliament to wait until 2013, a new fiscal year, to begin the deletion of the zeros of the currency and its introduction. On top of that, The United States …



Another Change To My 2013 Financial Goals

Another Change To My 2013 Financial Goals – A Little One This Time! Posted on Our Ultimate Reward Account: For a monthly fee, the Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account will give you a host of extra benefits.